SweepEx Forklift Broom Attachments

Extra Tough
The SweepEx broom is made of densely packed "Polypropylene" bristles for heavy-duty industrial sweeping. SweepEx sweeps away everything from dust particles to small boulders with ease and is ideal for clearing demolition and construction debris.

Extra Effective
SweepEx is so versatile, it can be used to clear commercial and industrial debris, rubbish, leaves and even snow, standing water and industrial spills effectively, keeping your workplace clear and minimising damage from accidents or weather.

Extra Safe
Even when you are working in public places SweepEx is the best solution, safe for use around people or animals.  And in the workplace SweepEx keeps your workforce safe and protects your equipment clearing nails and other debris that can be hazardous and cause flat tyres.

Extra Economical
SweepEx is the most cost effective way to handle hundreds of industrial jobs from clearing debris to sweeping sand or moving rubbish. The brush fits onto existing vehicles including forklifts, tractors, lorries or bulldozers so SweepEx is cheaper than any other industrial sweepers and easier to store when not in use.

Visit http://www.sweepexbrooms.co.uk/ for more information

Please note the Mega broom will need a fork hitch attachment if you have never owned one before, please ask for the costings on different Mega attachments.

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